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"The process of psychotherapy is like a dance; A dance by which I gently guide you back to yourself."



Connection--with yourself, with others and with the meaning of life --

this is what truly matters in life.


It is my passion to bring people back to this connection with themselves and with others.

This leads to more well-being and fulfillment.

My work is grounded in a solid education as a Clinical Pedagogue and Integrative Psychotherapist. Experiences with clients in the consulting room, ongoing education, various reflections, study of literature and exchanges with colleagues continuously enrich my integrative model. The icing on the cake is a specialization in Interpersonal Neurobiology (Dan Siegel).

Psychotherapy for individuals and couples

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Training and supervision for psychotherapists

My qualities

(NL/FR/ENG) and intercultural

Professionally trained and qualified

Warm and open-minded

+ 20 years of experience

Who is Liesbet?

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