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Psychotherapy is a science of change. I believe that change happens through the experience of a healing relationship.This is supported by psychotherapy outcome research which demonstrates that no single psychotherapy approach is significantly more effective than any other approach. It is rather the quality of the therapeutic relationship that is key in determining the succes of therapy.


Psychotherapy offers you the possibility to change: you become more resilient, better able to react with flexibility to life’s challenges, you solve issues or adjust to a difficult situation, you feel less lonely, you deal with depression or anxiety, you grow as a person, or just to feel a bit happier. You come to find hope!

As an Integrative Psychotherapist, the therapeutic relationship is my specific area of expertise. This is underpinned by a sound and coherent theoretical and scientific basis that can be flexible and responsive to client needs.

More about Integrative Psychotherapy:


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“What unites us as humans is not necessarily the visible and the tangible, but rather the invisible intangible dimension ‘between’ us”. 


Rich Hycner, Clinical Psychologist

Integrative psychotherapy

I emphasize a collaborative process.

I work in the here and now of what happens in the session. I am not a directive therapist, but I am very present with all that I am, feel and know. I offer support to those aspects of your personality that feel lost, small and lonely. And I believe, stimulate, challenge and invite you to build on those aspects which feel strong and solid.


Though I do not necessarily "go back to childhood-issues", your early child experiences and relations will inform me and help us in understanding how you came to be who you are. We may explore how these experiences lead to repetition and how you can find hope for sustainable change.


I integrate different aspects of body-psychotherapy in my work as needed.

Through new experiences and fresh insight you will be able to better integrate all aspects of your personality and to feel more whole.


Until change becomes visible, little by little.

What brings people to psychotherapy?



"From the outside my life looks perfect, professionally I am successful, my days are stuffed to the brim, and yet I feel empty and unfulfilled."

"I feel anxious most of the time. The world feels like a dangerous place."

"I do not know how to express my needs in a relationship. It seems that each time I do, I end up disappointed, abandoned or rejected."

"I am trying so hard to be the best version of myself, but in truth, deep inside I feel worthless."

"I feel depressed and hopeless. Connecting to others, how do you do that? I feel so alone.

"People tell me I am too emotional. How can I better regulate my emotions so that I do not jeopardize my personal and professional relations?"

"I am carrying the weight of a traumatic past. I want to live my life free from this pain."

In psychotherapy, I help you to reconnect with yourself step by step.




In the first session, we explore what brings you to therapy. Regularly we evaluate. Are we on the right track or is a different approach needed?


For an individual session of 50 minutes we usually see each other weekly, agreeing on a fixed day and time.

Individual session of 50 minutes:

o Brussels: €90

o Hoegaarden: €75

I work with a sliding scale which allows the services to be offered at different prices depending on the situation of the beneficiary.


The payment is made at the end of the session by cash or by bank app (QR code).


If these rates are not feasible for you, we can talk about it.

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Couple Therapy

Are you facing differences that appear insurmountable: desire to have a child, sexual preferences and exclusivity, etc.? 
Do you feel emotionally disconnected from your partner? 
Are you at a loss about how to deal with intercultural or interracial differences between you? 
Are you having recurring arguments about the same topics? Is your communication strained and tense?
These are all expressions of a disrupted emotional connection.
In fact, all couples are looking for answers to the following questions: ’Am I safe with you?' ‘Can I count on you?’ 'Will you be there when I need you?’ ‘Am I important to you?’ ‘Do you appreciate me?’ ‘Can I really be myself?’

In couple therapy we work at re-establishing this connection. I hold a mirror up to your relationship and assist you to authentically connect with each other. In this process-oriented approach, I focus on the “betweenness.” That is where the potential for change is lurking.
I specialize in working with intercultural couples. Sometimes the sessions are held in different languages (Dutch, English, French) so that each can express him/herself in their mother tongue if desired.

In the first session, we explore what brings you to therapy. Regularly we evaluate. Are we on the right track or is a different approach needed?


For a couples’ session, we take 1,5 hours and leave more time between sessions.

Relationship therapy of 1.5 hours:

I work with a sliding scale which allows the services to be offered at different prices depending on the situation of the beneficiary. The payment is made at the end of the session by cash or by bank app (QR code). If these rates are not feasible for you, we can talk about it.

Couple Support Group

Welcome to the Couples’ Support Group, where I invite you to enrich and revitalize your emotional connection. This group therapy offers a unique opportunity to strengthen and heal your relationship while sharing the journey with other couples who, like you, aspire to build a strong, loving connection.

What you'll learn in these sessions:

- Discover the strengths of your relationship

- Understand the importance of affective/emotional safety

- Recognize and navigate common relationship patterns

- Learn to navigate conflicts safely for a stronger bond

- Deepen your connection with yourself and your partner

- Receive practical tools grounded in neurobiological research and attachment theory

- Reignite your enthusiasm for enjoying life together

What the couples support group offers:

1. A safe space for growth: Explore the unique dynamics of your relationship within an environment where safety is paramount. Learn new skills that enhance communication and foster deeper connection.

2. A supportive community: Collaborate with couples facing similar challenges. The group support helps you explore inventive and refreshing strategies, injecting zest and verve back into your relationship.

3. Mini-workshops and interaction: Each session unfolds like a mini-workshop, centered around a specific theme. Ample space is provided for sharing experiences and actively engaging with one another.

4. Professional guidance: Led by an experienced relationship therapist, you will receive expert guidance and valuable tools for growth and healing.

Practical details:

Location: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Hoegaarden, just a 30-minute drive from Brussels, within the comforting confines of a beautiful Yurt.


Budget: The total investment is 585 Euros per couple, payable before the first session.

Dates and times: NEXT GROUP STARTING SEPTEMBER 2024 - contact me for further details

Intimate group size: Limited to a maximum of 5 couples, ensuring a personalized and supportive experience.

Requirements for participation: Prior to starting, an intake interview to discuss motivation, commitment to all 4 group sessions and all matters discussed will be handled with complete confidentiality.

How do we enroll for the couples support group? Fill out the online contact form for a 1-hour intake interview.

Our relationship is in trouble, do we fit into this group? We explore this together during the intake interview to ensure the program aligns with your needs.

I am already in individual therapy, is that OK? Absolutely! I can coordinate with your individual therapist if desired.

Groups make me nervous, can I still come? You are most welcome; creating a safe environment is my expertise.

Is this a closed or open group? This is a closed group, limited to five couples for optimal interaction and support.

We are not free on all of these dates:  No problem, the groups start regularly, contact me and we'll look into it together.


“Man is a creature of the between."

Martin Buber, Philosopher



“Working with Liesbet has been a turning point for our couple. She skillfully spotted some unhealthy patters and helped us find alternatives that work, while carefully listening to our fears and resistance. She has a remarkable capacity of uncovering what truly matters.  Liesbet brings a perfect balance between peaceful presence and care, and a firm grip to bring you back to what is really at stake. As a couple, we managed to reboot on key issues in 4-5 sessions, and we are now happily married and expecting our first baby! We are without any doubt deeply grateful for her work with us and we consider Liesbet as our anchor point for any future challenging moments that we cannot resolve ourselves.” 

Marie & Olga


"Liesbet is a tremendously competent therapist, with a wealth of experience, for example in working with complex problems and with issues concerning cultural differences. Her approach is warm and involved. She has what I call 'the English touch': a respectful approach with an eye for safety and especially for the unspeakable. Besides, she is simply lovely. Well, that is what I think!”

 C. Nelissen, psychotherapist (  &


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