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Contact me for more information.

Would you like to make an appointment? Do you have a question? 

Just give me a call on +32 485 11 09 04. That is the most direct way: a short chat, we hear each other's voices, and we can align ourselves! It is also much more efficient than e-mailing back and forth.

Cannot make it on the phone? Fill in the form below and let me know when I can reach you most easily. I reply to my mails 2 times a week.


Reinbursment via Belgian mutualities is possible.

I am contacting you for:
Which location do you prefer?

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Office in Brussels

Where: Spastraat 13, 1000 Brussels

When: On Thursday and Friday

Office in Hoegaarden

Where: Babelomstraat 7, 3320

When: On Tuesday and Wednesday

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